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Remote support

The infrastructure needs constant monitoring, in order to have a reliable network. With remote service we guarantee the care level that they know to combine service efficiency and cost containment. Proactively monitor voice communication infrastructure, data and video, we analyze the fault and operate on-site interventions only when necessary and / or required by the business, reducing the time of any on-site intervention. We provide remote support of international videoconference sessions, managing the timing, bandwidth and delivering on time usage reports. We manage remote streaming services and content on the most important issue of PC communication platforms, Android and IOS. To further protect the remote assistances are paid based on business best practices defined by ISO 27001, your data is always safe.


Monitor an ICT infrastructure requires work, time and skills which are not always available in the company, with remote supporti it’s possible:

  • increased availability of the ICT infrastructure
  • reducing downtime
  • cost reduction
  • always under control performance
  • greater security
  • log incident

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