Who we are

STIM, with a staff of 50 engineers, providing services and solutions in ICT, making available to the Customers technological expertise to translate innovation into a real business opportunity.
Every day we face in the areas of unified communications & collaboration, data center and infrastructure, video and digital media, networking, working with market leader players, to offer customized solutions and services to the specific requirements of each client.


We manage international services and assets in Switzerland, Dublin, Luxembourg, Brazil, Singapore and Hong Kong. We are present in Switzerland with SINT SA, a company founded to promote our IT services and support our Customers in their internationalization processes.
We guarantee international management with the same quality of service we offer to our Customers in Italy. STIM coordinates the phases of each project and carried out by its partner companies on international territory.

Tailor made

Each Customer has different needs, every IT infrastructure requires flexible and customized solutions in order to respond appropriately to the needs of the business and in which they operate. STIM compares with the Customer by offering solutions and services needed to best meet the specific operational and business needs.
The flexibility and high degree of adaptability is expressed, according to a 'tailor made'model (duration, service levels and composition of pricing) shared and agreed with the Customer, to extend the provision of the service (management mode, coverage hourly, areas and technology fields).


Our mission is to create value for our Customers through an adequate response to their business needs through an offer of solutions, services and innovative technologies in the ICT field.


  • Using innovative technology and excellence
  • focused partnerships with leading market players
  • Certified specialists both in technology and methodological


STIM works with market leaders to better respond to Customer needs, creating solutions and using the best available technologies.


We manage more that 100 international Customers.

Our most important Customers are leaders in the following markets:

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